Virginia Herbal Bitters

The Legend

virginia herbal bitters productIn 1606 King James 1 of England was suffering from several ailments. One of them was gout. He was so plagued by this that he fell down several times, hurting himself in the process. He had other health problems resulting from heavy intake alcohol.

His wife, Anne of Denmark, suffered from a myriad of physical and psychological ailments. She had been heartbroken after losing several pregnancies and babies to poor health. She died in 1619 at 45 after suffering for several years.

When King James chartered and sent out the Virginia Company of London in 1606 to establish new settlements/colonies in North America, one of his hopes was that they would bring back new crops, fruits, and herbs to boost his health and that of his people. Similarly, he sent emissaries to Africa, China, India and other lands.

He died from stroke in March 1625 at 58 which was regarded as old age at that time. Since his death, the world has come closer in the area of access to natural resources found in remote locations around the planet.

However, the world is still living in compartmentalized thinking and ignorance as far as herbs and food supplements are concerned.

In 2019, "King James of Virginia" , assembled a team of experts to gather the best herbs from across the planet. By March 2023, he and his team of 5th generation herbalists from Virginia, Colorado, and California have sourced and blended 31 herbs from five continents. These herbs have been part of native herbal regimens and food supplements for thousands of years.

Dreams do come true and legends are real.

The Product

Virginia Herbal Bitters is the first of its kind in the world. It is a poly-herbal mixture that contains 31 specially and carefully chosen herbs native to the US, Mexico, Chile, Nigeria, UK, China, and India.

These herbs are blended to produce the first of its kind in the history of herbal mixtures.

It does not contain alcohol, artificial preservatives or coloring agents. Everything is natural as it is found where it grows.

We are not making any claims as to the benefits you can get from a constant and sustained use of Virginia Herbal Bitters. That is for you to do.

Our job is to bring you the best of the planet in a bottle and a capsule.

Enjoy the reality of the dream of King James.

virginia herbal bitters product